Christmas Spirit – from the programme

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit is the result of the birth of a new Christian Community called Immerse.

Immerse is a collective of people who have come together over the last 10 years.

They have all journeyed in different ways. Some have always been in and around church; some have been, have left it, and have come back; some never were and now are; and some are just wondering what it is all about.

Christmas Spirit is an attempt to make sense of a new community in an old building. As the building is renovated slowly for community use the bits of the old building that are ‘left over’ are transformed into the Nativity – the story of the birth of Jesus.

It is this greater narrative of Jesus that binds the old and the new. Without the faith and perseverance of Christians from the past there would not be an inheritance for new communities in the future.

So wander around Christmas Spirit and participate in this great story. But do not just concentrate on the installation itself – look at the space it is set in. What can you only experience in this space? And what will the Spirit of Christmas say to you?