Arrhhh – Funday!

Join us this Sunday (17th July) at The Galley for our annual Funday. 
Free entry with lots of activities going on including:

  • Art and craft
  • Sports
  • Face painting
  • Garden games
  • BBQ 
  • Coffee bar
  • And much much more

Oh! And it’s a pirate theme! So come dressed as a pirate and the best dressed wins a prize!!

See you Sunday! 


Re:charge – 7th June 2015


Put the date in your diary! Sunday 7th June is re:charge our monthly act of worship.

we tend to meet at around 5 for some food and the worship usually begins about 6.

expect good coffee

expect great conversation

expect meaningful worship

see you there!

‘Burger’ off to cancer


Say ‘Burger’ off to cancer!! 

Unfortunately Many of us have been affected by cancer either personally or through a loved one. 

The Immerse community have decided to join thousands of other people throughout Britain to raise money for cancer research by hosting a family BBQ…

You too can be involved by bringing your family and friends….

           ON: Saturday 19th July 

            AT: 4pm onward

            The Galley centre, 

            Whitehall avenue, 


             ST7 1EP

We will provide the food….if you could make a Donation to cancer research on the day or via our ‘just giving page‘.

Please bring your own drinks ….(Hot drinks will be available from ‘Cafe Revival’).

You may wish to pack a picnic blanket or something to sit on!!! 

Thanks for your support…

We Look forward to seeing you there!

(if you definitely know you are coming please leave a comment below – just so we have enough burgers!!!)

But don’t worry – if you decide on the day to turn up we will find enough food (a story about a man who fed 5000 is quite important to us 🙂 )

Lent – A time to give up something


Today is Ash Wednesday and Lent is now upon us – what have you
given up?

Some give up chocolate, alcohol, sweets …. a whole range of things.

Why? well not normally because they are religious, but usually because they want to practice a bit of self control or because it is a way of naming a time when they get get a bit healthier. All of these things are of value – a bit of self control and a healthy lifestyle are always welcome.

Those who try and shape their life around Jesus will know that Lent is the period when we remember the temptations of Jesus. He spent 40 days in the wilderness (desert) where it is told that he was tempted by the devil to either follow him or to win people over like some kind of superhero.

Jesus had none of it, and it was in the desert that he decided the kind of man he was going to be and the kind of life he was going to live. Our reading of the stories of Jesus suggests that he was a lively, vibrant, life giving, life loving, party animal who lived with extravagant and outrageous generosity.

We want to do the same …

It’s difficult because there aren’t that many of us and we are all really busy, but we do meet every Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours and we want to use that time in Lent to practise this way of life with more intensity. So this year, for every Sunday in Lent, we are going to make soup and bread, spend some time in worship whilst its cooking, and then eat it!

and if anyone, anywhere, is hungry in Kidsgrove on Sunday afternoon you are welcome to join us – no cost – free food!

and if anyone, anywhere fancies a bit of company in KIdsgrove on Sunday afternoon you are welcome to join us – no cost – free friends!

So if you fancy some soup on Sunday – join us at 3pm

We’ve decided to give up being selfish – lets see how we do.

Christmas Carols

In the darkest place ... the brightest light
In the darkest place … the brightest light

Come and join us this Sunday (8th December) for some traditional carols and beautiful coffee – and you really need to try our hot chocolate!

The Carol Service is always a beautiful moment in the life of any Christian Community. It carves out space for us to connect with an ancient story that brings about transformation and hope.

Christmas Carols always bring about a sense of nostalgia and often a ‘fuzzy’ mixed up feeling of joy, excitement and love. Come and share with us as we make our way towards Bethlehem and witness again the extra-ordinary in our midst. The birth of a child who should never have been … but was.

A world changer

Sunday 8th December 2013, 6pm, Kidsgrove Central.

Balikbayan boxes – a huge thank you!


A really really big thank you to everyone in Kidsgrove who donated to our Balikbayan Box scheme to help this in the Philippines who have been affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Here at immerse we are gob smacked at the generosity and kindness of the people of Kidsgrove. We sent off two pallets down to the cargo company this afternoon and we pray that in small way our gifts make a difference.

Thank you everyone – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Easter 2013 with Immerse

Easter 2013We decided that the TeNT on Easter Sunday should be a feast! a party!

So (courtesy of Jez) that’s what we did – with melon, roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables, smoked salmon and profiteroles to finish!!! #nomnom


It was pretty amazing and we think we might have started a tradition!! (so you know where to come next year)

HE IS RISEN! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Easter 2013

Easter 2013
Easter 2013Easter 2013




Easter 2013
Easter 2013

Calling all artists

We would love an artist to come and work with us over a five week period (or longer – if you fancy it).

You don’t need to be a Christian but you do need to appreciate that we are and that some of our themes will be (but we are very excited about the way in which those themes might be interpreted by others)

Basically we want someone to come and work with us and help us to think creatively about some of the major narratives of our Christian heritage. It can be paint, sculpture, mixed medium or stuff we can’t even think of yet.

We (about 20 adults and 15 children) meet every Sunday at 3pm in Kidsgrove and would love someone to help us explore our creative potential. We can’t pay you – but we can give you a lot of exposure (online and offline) and we have loads of room if you wanted to exhibit and/or sale (and a very trendy coffee bar that we can staff) we might even be able to offer you some temporary studio space (permanent with a bit of negotiating).

So if you fancy a residency for five or so weeks get in touch. If you’re not sure but want to try a one off – then get in touch.

We would love to hear from you.

If you’re not the arty type then please spread the word.

A ministry of interuptions

iPhone pic
Freeze Frame 1

On Sunday we spent the afternoon looking at a story that is told in Mark’s Gospel about Jesus going to heal a girl who was dying and then having to deal with another incident with a woman who touched his clothes and was healed. We split the different tables into 3 characters in the story. The first were the crowd and/or disciples; the second were the parents of the poorly girl; and the last were the woman who was healed.

iPhone pic
Freeze Frame 2

We realised that this story is full of different emotions and whilst one group was on a high another was feeling low and vice versa. The story is a roller-coaster of emotion.

Imagine you were one of the characters – how would you feel?

The kids also did tableaux’s of 3 different scenes in the story (under the expert directorship of Chris Wright) – see if you can guess which each one depicts …

iPhone pic
Freeze Frame 3