Good Friday

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One of the key moments in the Christian story is Good Friday. It’s the day we remember the death of Jesus who was crucified by the Romans just outside Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago. It’s a poignant moment for those of us who are Christians because we believe that because of Jesus’ death our lives are transformed for ever; that somehow are lives are bound up with his life, death and resurrection.

This means that as we remember Jesus’ death …. something in us dies

and on Easter Sunday when we remember his coming to life …. something in us is reborn

but first the agony of the cross.

A few of us will be gathering at The Galley Community Centre on Friday 3rd April at 2pm to spend some time remembering. It is not an easy time together, it is not joyous or raucous or loud but it is beautifully special.

If you would like to join us – you are more than welcome.


December 7th – put it in your diary!

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December 7th is a big day for us at immerse (well – it could be a long day!)

At 3pm we have Kerygma and at 6pm we have re:charge. The chances are we will have food in between for those that want to be around all day or for those that stick around after kerygma or come early to re:charge. So if you can make all of it…. some of it…. a bit of it …. it would be great to see you.

re-charge 12:14