Great Christingle.


This afternoon we had a beautiful Christingle shared with David Speed (superintendent of the Kidsgrove Circuit) and lots of family and friends. The service itself was ….

Well …

… Normal for immerse – hectic, a little mad, and from the heart. Afterwards people stuck around, chatted and then went on to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

It was just as Christmas celebrations should be – honest, gritty and full of joy.

We want to thank Tesco (Kidsgrove) who kindly donated all the produce needed to make up 40 Christingles – a truly community affair.

You can see some of the photo’s from today on our Facebook page. Go and have a look and please do like the page.

Immerse is taking a bit of time out over Christmas – we are starting back again on Sunday 5th January at 3pm at Kidsgrove Central.

So for now – we pray that you have an awe-some, peaceful, fun-filled and blessed time this Christmas.

Be gentle with yourself and true to those who love you.

Merry Christmas.

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