immerse Christingle


Christmas is a real rush and often we feel the weight of expectation on us. ‘will they like their presents?’; ‘will the christmas dinner be ok?’; ‘will we have enough money to pay for it all?’

It can sometimes sem a lot of worry and lot of money for one day!

But Christmas can be a time to reset the clock and to begin to re-imagine what life might be for. It’s a moment when love, joy, peace, wonder and awe come colliding together to give feelings of warmth and generosity, and a desire to do good and be with others.

This year immerse has decided to do a Christingle – they are beautiful services that are quite traditional (at least for us!) but seem to hold on to that timeless sense of hope and joy that invades our lives at Christmas time. We would love you to come to our Christingle at Kidsgrove Central on Sunday 22nd December from 3pm till about 4:30pm. If you are rushed off your feet, if you are feeling stressed then carve out just enough time to join us.

Make a space:

for family,

for beauty,

for joy,

for wonder,

for The young ‘un ….

…. who changed the world.

You can also see out nativity scene and enjoy some great coffee (although our Hot Chocolate is perfect for the Christmas season!) as our facebook event page says:


Hi all:) I know it’s a crazy time of year- but I just wanted to invite you to ‘the immerse’ christingle & carols (with cafe revival) It’s a time to chill and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas with friends and family. Have a wonderful Christmas and a mighty blessed 2014:) xxx


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