Calling all artists

We would love an artist to come and work with us over a five week period (or longer – if you fancy it).

You don’t need to be a Christian but you do need to appreciate that we are and that some of our themes will be (but we are very excited about the way in which those themes might be interpreted by others)

Basically we want someone to come and work with us and help us to think creatively about some of the major narratives of our Christian heritage. It can be paint, sculpture, mixed medium or stuff we can’t even think of yet.

We (about 20 adults and 15 children) meet every Sunday at 3pm in Kidsgrove and would love someone to help us explore our creative potential. We can’t pay you – but we can give you a lot of exposure (online and offline) and we have loads of room if you wanted to exhibit and/or sale (and a very trendy coffee bar that we can staff) we might even be able to offer you some temporary studio space (permanent with a bit of negotiating).

So if you fancy a residency for five or so weeks get in touch. If you’re not sure but want to try a one off – then get in touch.

We would love to hear from you.

If you’re not the arty type then please spread the word.


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