Kidsgrove Painting (30.12.12)


This is what the artist, Maz Deacon, has to say about the painting:

Just off centre is pure white – the ideal, the perfect the beautiful, the Spirit of God. Flowing from it is love (a heart) joined by other hearts. This is the love of this community – open and hopefully rough around the edges but joining and flowing together.

Leading from the bottom of the painting up to the bright central part is a pathway – it’s about a journey – it is not straight/smooth or predictable.

God can be found at the place of greatest tension in the painting. Where the colours shout at each other the most.

The (?) question mark asks us what next as individuals, as a community, how to be in this community? How to be in relationship within families, couples, sisters, brothers, friends and lovers.

‘names’ reminds us of the people who will be part of this community who are not known yet. They may be part of it for a few hours, weeks, months or years.

Finally, holding the painting together around the edges are softer, muted, colours holding the tensions and ‘journeying together. They provide rest and peace a place just to be.

The entire painting is full of movement and contrast as this is given with love for a community who are not static but on the move seeking and following God’s will together.

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