Just before Epiphany with guest artist Marion Deacon

Interesting colours represent some of Plockton’s beautiful shoreline. Original mixed media. Framed size approx 20x24ins (50x60cm) Price £490

This Sunday we will be celebrating Epiphany and looking forward to a new year.The last three months have been pretty phenomenal for us at Immerse and we have no idea where the next 12 months will take us.

But we trust in a light that will guide us …. and perhaps all we need to see is the next step forward?

We also have our first guest artist joining us this Sunday. Her name is Marion Deacon and she will be painting during The TeNT this Sunday. Here is what it says on her website:

Marion Deacon is originally from North London, but has moved around due to work and family commitments. She studied art in Bath and trained to be a primary school teacher.

A few years ago, having been a teacher for over 10 years Marion felt it was right to take a risk and follow her dream to paint professionally. Marion has exhibited widely in the West Country, Surrey and Hampshire.

Marion loves colour and much of her painting is very vibrant and textural. Painting is one of the aspects of her life that makes her alive. Marion says … ‘Every painting is a journey of exploration and a fulfillment of a deep desire to record our beautiful and diverse landscape and natural surroundings.

“The amazing richness of colour, movement and texture in the natural world continually inspire me and provoke me to capture its character; and also, on a very personal note, to give glory to the Creator God.”

If you are in and around Kidsgrove Central this Sunday at 3pm then why not pop in. You can find out what Epiphany is about, share in community, look forward to a new year and see some amazing art produced before your very eyes.

Oh – and we have amazing coffee!!


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