Pitching up your TeNT

On Sunday The TeNT met as usual at Kidsgrove Central. Quite a few of us were away …. which is good news! What’s the point of a missional community where so many people are stuck in church!!!?? We pray that all those that are away this week have safe, relaxing holy-days.

We looked at ways in which we connect and interact with our local communities and how we might be able to read our communities better. We noted that most of us belong in a multiplex society where networks are more important than geographical location. But we also recognised that Kidsgrove Central is in a geographical location and so we need to be attentive to our local community – Kidsgrove.

We had brief look at a tool on the Methodist Church Website that helps us paint a richer picture of our communities and we saw that Kidsgrove has some real areas of mutliple deprivation alongside some quite affluent areas.

We also had a quick look at a poem in the beginning of John’s Gospel. One of the lines says ‘and the word became flesh and dwelt among us’ which literally means that Jesus (the word) pitched up his tent among us. It reminded us of a few things:

  • Jesus has already pitched his tent up among us – so, like the picture I took above when I was in Ghana, we don’t need to bring Jesus – we just need to find him!
  • Where do we pitch up our tents? Where do we settle? Who, in our communities and networks, do we connect with?
  • How are we Salt and light in the world(s) that we live in?


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